The Green Collective wants to help you live more sustainably & have fun doing it. We decided to look at something used every day and improve it, reinvent it. Our products are durable, fun to use, with clever little features to make your life easier.


They stretch to fit up to 3kg of produce and can help you strain, carry, wash, organise, sort, pack, sieve, scrub and sprout! Strong, durable, machine washable and lightweight. Tested by Oeko-Tex Standard 100, our bags are well researched and built to last.


100% certified organic cotton. Ideal for your wholefood and bulk food items from seeds, flour to grains and pulses. We have designed these bags to last with quality features like french seams, a convenient drawstring cord, and also machine washable.


Our durable, super absorbent and compostable dishcloth. This clever addition to your kitchen can replace 15 rolls of paper towels in it’s lifetime, and is 100% biodegradable. Write on it as a 'green' gift card.



The ideal gift, and a nudge in a green direction for your friends.
Get yours in time for the next market, or food shop. Our friendly courier's track & trace service will have your parcel to your home in 1-3 working days. We will gladly ship within New Zealand and internationally.

Now you have a choice. Go on, be good for goodness sake!



“I think the bags are really useful and really well thought through. They are invaluable in hand luggage on a plane. All the small things gravitate to the bottom of your bag and get tied up in the bigger bits unless you are wide awake and fully functioning. Which I don't want to be, I try to hibernate for the duration of a flight!”  Clare


"Just the best! This is my 2nd purchase of these fabulous bags. I love them and have even got my husband to use when he shops for us!. The checkout operators are fascinated by them. Brilliant idea and so so much better than those ghastly plastic bags that break under weight." Alison


"Brilliant! The loot bags have been a hit with the whole family - and have reduced our plastic bag use." Denise


"Art in the kitchen. This arrived in the mail from a friend and I thought it was an art pint, what a happy addition to the kitchen. Along with being very attractive this cloth is working wonders. Fab product." Kerri