• Since 2014 we have taken over 8,000,000 single use plastic bags out of circulation*
  • Reduced over 73,000 plastic sponges going to landfill and no more microplastic particles going down the plug hole when doing the dishes**
  • Repurposed the equivalent of 2 full 4msq skips into our ENCORE bags.

The Green Collective is a company committed to providing eco-friendly products that help individuals and businesses reduce their environmental impact. Our products are made from sustainable materials and produced in a way that minimises waste and conserves resources.

One of the main problems facing our planet today is the negative impact of non-eco-friendly products. From the pesticides used in conventional agriculture to the energy and water consumption required to manufacture and transport products, the environmental cost of non-sustainable products is significant.

The Green Collective offers a solution to these problems by providing a range of eco-friendly products that are better for the environment and for people's health. Our product line includes everything from reusable shopping bags and larger totes to natural dishcloths and handkerchiefs.

Our customers have found that using The Green Collective's products has helped them save money, reduce their waste and carbon footprint, and live a healthier lifestyle. In addition, by choosing eco-friendly products, they have contributed to the larger goal of conserving resources and protecting the environment for future generations.

The Green Collective's eco-friendly products offer a practical and effective solution for individuals and businesses looking to reduce their environmental impact. We encourage you to consider our products as a way to help solve the sustainability problems facing our planet.

Our vision is to develop sustainable business practices in all our products and manufacturing processes that will benefit future generations through creating a better, safer and healthier world.

We embrace the concept of sustainability in our strategies towards product development, manufacturing and business practices. To minimise any negative impact on a local and global scale within those communities, and on environmental factors.

The Green Collective Products

Each product has its own sustainable pathway in relation to minimising its footprint. We utilise local production and support when possible. Wider sourced manufacturing when proven to have a reduced impact overall based on scale efficiency and superior operational systems.

Lately The Green Collective has been nicknamed a ‘Tinder Waste Matching Service’. Saunders is regularly contacted by nationwide businesses hoping to pass their expired items onto a group who can re-use it. For example, parachutes, bouncy castles, expired martial art belts, hot air balloons etc. She has recently matched old kites to the Cancer Society for making post-surgical drain bags.

Serious about sustainability, conscious consumers are increasingly researching and supporting sustainable companies and products. Nowadays, most products have an eco-friendly alternative. Customers are looking to reduce their impact and the shift is happening as these products are actively sought out. Saunders says The Green Collective will continue to create sustainable versions of everyday items, helping people make responsible choices. For some customers, they love that we support our artists, ensure ethical production and fair wages for our contractors. For others it’s simply the incredible range of designs, and that the switch to our eco versions is easy, fun and joyful.

Where is the environment?

Yup, it is everywhere, everything and effects us all. So, every decision and product we make is broken down into steps and assessed from the original idea to making the product, right through to shipping. We repurpose offcuts, straps, pallets, reuse boxes, card, recycle paper, thread, packaging and more. Our minimal packaging is recyclable or mostly compostable. Tape, boxes, stickers and any padding (old cut box ends) can be popped into your compost or paper recycling bin. We proudly have no additional packaging on our products and they are NOT individually wrapped.

SPRUCE are made from 100% plant based, natural and renewable materials: 100% biodegradable material – cellulose (from FSC-marked forest) and cotton (the short offcuts from manufacturing that can't be reused).

The trees are certified sustainable under international management environment standard ISO 14001. Once the cloth reaches the end of its service life, it makes its way to the compost, where it decomposes in 6–8 weeks (individually passed for Compostability Criteria in the European standard EN 13432) .

 * Based on once a week use of Goodie Bags sold
** Based on SPRUCE lasting a minimum of 6 months heavy use