About Us

The Green Collective's journey began in 2014 with an awakening to the way we live, the lack of alternative options available and a desire to change that. Months of research, testing and reviewing lead us to create our first produce bags.

We are always inspired by looking at our daily habits and how we can improve them. Let us help you to live in a more sustainable way. If we can inspire you to change one habit then we are delighted!

'Reduce, reuse and recycle' has always been one of our motto’s.  Lets’s add 're-purpose, re-fresh and re-create' and you start to get a sense of how we see the world and it’s possibilities. Often when we thought of products that were eco-friendly, the colours beige, or brown came to mind. We thought why can’t they be fun and gorgeous yet still retaining a low ecological footprint?

In Nelson we are fortunate to be surrounded by a fabulous bunch of entrepreneurial people creating, producing and inspiring. Our first project Goodie Bags hit the market at the end of 2014 and to date thousands have been sold in New Zealand and shipped internationally. Oh Goodie! We hope you are as excited as us to try our . We fell in love with our first colours blue and green but new colours feature regularly, some in limited stock (ooh ahh).

Since then,   have joined the Collective. The GOT's certified organic cotton feels fabulous, is incredibly durable and more gentle on our earth than regular cotton. And we love our cloths. The search for the ultimate dishcloth is over! Our two DIY Wellness Kits made in collaboration with Gather Girl have been wonderfully popular for beginners or as a thoughtful gift teaching you how to SOAK + SPROUT and make your own plant based milks. Our ENCORE bags are made by sourcing local off-cuts and materials that were heading to landfill. A group of local Nelson businesses are involved aiming to reduce the amount of waste they generate. We have designed these super durable sturdy totes with more products in the pipeline.

The Green Collective is proudly committed to working with local companies where possible so watch out for some fun collaborations and giveaways. We love to hear feedback from you so don't hesitate to make contact, ask questions and make those steps towards a better world.