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Who We Support & Why

Today we chat about Trees For Bees, and Chasing Coral. These two charities mean a lot to us and our designers whose SPRUCE cloths support them. 

10% of the sale price of each cloth sold is donated to the chosen charity. That includes cloths sold via our website, markets and wholesale. 

Bee Design by Greg Straight

1. TREES FOR BEES: https://treesforbeesnz.org
Registered Charitable Trust.

The mission of Trees for Bees is to solve problems of malnutrition and starvation in bees for agricultural and horticultural production in New Zealand. 

The Trees for Bees goal is to provide on-line databased knowledge as well as templates and practical skills to develop bee plantations that fit in well with both farm and apiary operations. 

Our vision is to ensure the use of strategic bee plantations providing fresh pollen and nectar throughout the bee seasons wherever there is a shortage of bee feed.  This vision encompasses all of New Zealand including all agricultural and natural or modified ecosystems.  It also encompasses all bees including bumble bees and native bees but it is focused on the most urgent problem, the survival of our highly threatened honey bees in a changing apiculture environment.  The pollination services provided by honey bees are the foundation on which the New Zealand agricultural and horticultural economy is built.

Coral & Kina Design by Folklore and Fauna

2. CHASING CORAL https://www.chasingcoral.com

Witness the visual evidence of climate change hiding in our ocean and see how Chasing Coral is waking up communities around the world. Chasing Coral links to the WILD Foundation working to build strong communities that respect and protect nature for the benefit of all life. 

They are also working to promote NATURE NEEDS HALF. 'Creating a new relationship between society and nature.' 

THE OPPORTUNITY: Nature is life. To protect life we must give nature the space she needs to thrive. And science tells us that means protecting half of Earth by 2030. If we do, we will end the Sixth Mass Extinction before it devastates life on Earth. Protection at this unprecedented scale requires working together across boundaries to ensure that nature, and life, survives.

THE SOLUTION: Nature Needs Half is an international coalition unified by respect for nature and growing alarm for life on Earth. It was founded and is stewarded by the WILD Foundation. This international team is addressing the root causes threatening our biosphere and is helping to transform the relationship between society and nature.
THE MISSION: Transform the relationship between society and nature and protect 50% of the planet by 2030.


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