Plastic Free July: 5 ways to Help Remember Your Produce Bags

PRODUCE BAGS: How do you remember to bring them shopping?

Remember it's not just food shopping that small reusable bags are useful. CLOTHING, STATIONERY, TOGS, SHOES, STORAGE, GIFTS, CRAFTS...

1. HANG THEM on your front door, or throw them into your handbag / shopping bag as soon as you have emptied them from the previous shop.
2. MORE - as you can't always plan for all shopping, have some in your bike basket, nappy bag, pram and anywhere else you can think of.
3. LIST - start your shopping list with BAGS to help you remember.
4. ASK - not all bags are created equal. If in doubt of which to buy, read reviews, ask friends and gather your collection of bags that are ethically made, will stand the test of time and constant reuse.
5. STASH - have a small purse size bag handy? You could fold /squish your little reusable bags inside if you like to keep them contained and tidy. Just don't forget where you put them or forget this small purse!


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