Go GREEN - Why HANK Is Your New Multi-talented Companion

All great things have a tendency to make a comeback – 60s music, 80s movies, even 90s fashion. So, it is no surprise that the humble, yet indispensable handkerchief should follow this trend.

For those among us who are too young to have ever had their face vigorously wiped with granny’s hand-embroidered hankie, the Merriam-Webster definition for this wondrous invention is: a small, usually square, piece of cloth used for usually personal purposes (such as blowing the nose) or as a clothing accessory. Yes, you read it right: fashion and function! And it is in the spirit of both, that we would like you to meet Hank: irresistibly dapper, naturally multi-talented, sensibly pocket-fitting, generously sized, incredibly soft – and last, but not least, infinitely reusable.

In fact, Hank is so unique, we think it deserves its own series of blog posts. We will aim to answer as many of your questions as we can – like
“Will it dry all my tears as I watch my favourite break-up movie?”
“Will it help me manage the umpteenth in-between-haircuts phase?”
“How do I fold it to fit my suit pocket?” – and many more!

But to kick things off, we will start with the basics. Hank is designed here in New Zealand, ethically handmade in India from the softest organic cotton we could find. It is GOT's (Global Organic Textile) certified and Fairtrade, and its packaging is both recyclable and compostable.

Traditionally handkerchiefs come in various sizes, to suit anything from dainty pockets to proud Roman noses. However, we wanted HANK to fulfil as many functions as possible while doing justice to all the beautiful designs. So, after much consideration, many trials and consultations, we found 43cm to be the perfect size for nose blowing, tear drying, face blotting, glass cleaning, hair accessorising, neck cooling, gift wrapping, and all manners of courteous behaviour.

We are sure you will find many more uses for our handsome Hank – we cannot wait to see what you come up with.

Keep an eye on this blog for more of our tips, and of Hank’s tricks.

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