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Go GREEN - 5 sustainable under $10 gift ideas

Ho Ho Ho, it's nearly Xmas time however these gifts are not just for the silly season and can be great idea for anytime you need a small gift idea. 

Picking a sustainable gift can be tricky as the stores in December are full of cheap plastic items. A little planning and help can get you something unique. Do remember that if you can, think of giving gift-free gifts too like vouchers for babysitting, local businesses, cafe's activities. Quality time spent together are often the best gifts when you recall past years. 

If it's an under $10 Secret Santa required, then other than a $10 note under the tree let us see if we can inspire you with a few ideas.


Tricky to get a cup locally made under $10 but these bamboo reusable travel cups are available from Nood, Briscoes to Warehouse and some supermarkets.

Scope out your favourite second hand stores also for some fabulous pottery mugs. Amazing finds to be found, including some of our favourites at home.


Our SPRUCE have been a popular stocking filler and Secret Santa gift. With so many designs available, there is one design match for everyone!



As long as you don't think the person will take direct offence, the range of gorgeous NZ made soaps around are totally gift worthy. Image above of and her range of vegan soap bars. Check out your local stores and markets too.


Looking at locally made again, Tui have a fabulous range. Lip balms are used by all and can be easily passed on to someone in their family if not wanted themselves. 


Options for all from alcoholic to coffee and tea lovers. Everyone loves a beverage and many labels now are custom gift wrapped in gorgeous designs and recyclable or compostable packaging. Above is Sublime Coffee. Below Garage Project and Heke Homemade Herbal teas x