7 Ways to Use Your Swedish Eco Dishcloth. Have You Tried #4?

We are not going to lie. Wiping your skirting boards free of dust is a rubbish job and no SPRUCE dishcloth on this earth is going to change that.

But doing it with our Jet Planes SPRUCE and the air guitar of your choice while blasting a slice of vintage Tom Petty will elevate it significantly. Turn that air amp up to 11 and fly through our list of 7 Ways to Use Your Swedish Eco Dishcloth:

1. Soak up spills 

STOP - don't reach for a wad of paper-towels to clean up that spilt drink, broken egg, toast crumbs. SPRUCE is the thirstiest dishcloth on the market. Don't be fooled by its thin appearance. When wet it transforms from a thin board to a mighty, super absorbing cloth. It can hold 20 x its weight in liquids, catch crumbs amongst the textured surface and clean your spill in the same time it takes to say Supercalifragilisticexpealidocious.


2. Safe on all surfaces

One cloth for all? YES - the SPRUCE can do it all. Safe on everything from tiles, marble, granite, wood, windows, mirrors and stainless steel. Non abrasive, however it has a handy trick up its sleeve. When used dry the texture acts like a scourer and can loosen tough baked-on or dried messes.

3. Blue for loo

Yes - colour coding. This idea may be knew to you, but there are plenty of clever humans out there who code the SPRUCE design for each specific job OR area of the house. Here are a few ideas PINK = Sink, BLUE = Loo, Green = general clean, Yellow = dusting. Or you can go deeper with specific animal themes for your pets.

4. Makeup remover / face wipe

Soft and 100% plant-based make these simply the best gentle wipes for the face. Cut a SPRUCE into pieces for an economical set of makeup remover pads that will last you the year. Often called the magic cloth, when it transforms with water to the softest wipes. Other brands already harness the magic of the Swedish cloths ready-cut in different snazzy shapes however the cloth is one and the same as SPRUCE! (also super handy travel cloth because it dries much faster than a traditional facecloth)

5. Fridge liner

This nifty wee hack keeps things from getting mucky in the bottom of your fridge drawers. Handy at wicking away any moisture, keeping things fresh and extending the life of fruit & vege. Also frequently popped into Stasher bags or ziplock bags to keep things fresh and slime free from excess moisture forming (as fruit & vege ripen they release gases which in turn can cause slime, and quicken the ageing process - yikes!)

6. Quick wash in dishwasher trick

The quickie: place your SPRUCE into the top rack of your dishwasher for a wash cycle amongst your dishes. They will come out wet because there isn't a spin cycle (he he) but a quick squeeze and you are good to go again. 

7. Cleaning your pets and their mess

Pet owners rejoice! Hoorah for a soft cloth your pets won't run from. Wipe dirty paws, clean mud from their coats, mop up spills around the food bowl AND keep one under the water bowl to absorb spills and save your floor. 

Don’t forget that one Swedish Sponge Cloth is enough to replace an average of 15 paper towel rolls – and imagine that space in your pantry! SPRUCE Cloths help reduce our environmental impact by reducing single-use products reducing your landfill waste each year.

Finally, Swedish Sponge Cloths are 100 percent home compostable, meaning they can be tossed in the compost – not the bin – when their useful life has ended. The prints are eco-friendly dyes, making them fully safe for soil, water, plants, & pets as they are disposed of and composted.



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