Top 5 reasons our Bags were bought this month

We love interacting with you and hearing where our bags are heading. This month in particular your reasons behind purchasing were diverse, inspiring and insanely clever. Go you.

Top 5:

1. Going on holiday - so many of you are preparing for a lovely spring break (wanderlust) and you bought our bags to help you organise your luggage, carry on bag and cords.

2. Gifts - some luckily people are getting Goodie Bags gifted to them. Your reasons: "Light and easy to post", "I love them & I know they will too", "The everything bag - one of the many uses will fit my friend", "Buying to put in my present cupboard"

3. Replacing - "I bought a set last week, and I gave one to a friend full of lemons, then my daughter 'stole' one and now I need more!"

4. Going to try something new - "I've always wanted to try making my own cheese and now I think i'm ready to try"

5. Microbeads - "I threw away my old scrubs and have gone back to soap & loofahs. I now pop the ends of my soap into a Goodie Bag and it hangs in the shower ready for my morning ritual"

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