HOW TO... Make easy Ricotta in 30mins

Let us show you how to make simple easy Ricotta Cheese.

Perfect for last minute dinner decisions, and so tasty you may never buy store bought again. Ricotta is perfect for cannelloni, pizza, or in salads. The leftover whey can be used in baking, smoothies, bread making, or to add moisture back into your Ricotta. Best results with whole milk to get a consistent 1 1/2 cups of cheese (after 10min strain). Rinse your Goodie Bag inside out afterwards, and pop into your washing machine. Easy peasy.

This is of course the basic recipe and ricotta is usually made from left over whey from making other cheeses. We often make an emergency lasagna, deciding at dinner time.... freezer full of frozen spinach, jar of passata in the pantry and fresh sheets of pasta in fridge. Add your freshly made ricotta and cook for 25mins. You can be as fancy as you like adding extra flavours. 

Our Goodie Bags make excellent strainers. You can even lie the bag flat and use it double over a jar / container to create a finer sieve. Enjoy x

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