The Perfect Present

Oh Goodness, you exclaim. What on earth am I going to buy them?! 

Is it a birthday, baby shower, wedding, dinner party or simply a ‘thinking of you’ gift required?

Goodie Bags are being posted around the country by our lovely customers to cover all gift giving requirements. Whether being used as a produce bag or being filled with hiking snacks, mobile phone chargers, nappies, or for air drying herbs & more, your special person is guaranteed to find a use for them. We are keeping new owners constantly inspired through our Facebook page and in return we are being surprised with even more uses.

So, to help you out a little further we can provide overnight tracked delivery across New Zealand (except rural) to ensure you look exceptionally well organised and are never late to surprise your special someone. If you ask nicely we can even pop in a little card & note with your message.

Good huh.

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