Introducing Navy

Introducing Navy.

Proving to be another very popular colour. It pops with fresh produce inside, yet all items inside remain clearly visible through the mesh when being used for storage.

The Takaka Village Market was a great success. The bags were very well received with great support from the local community. Back in 2005 Collingwood became the first plastic bag free town in NZ. At the time the West Coast Tasman M.P. Damien O’Connor said: "It’s estimated that, although tiny, the Golden Bay community consumes 1 million plastic shopping bags each year and New Zealand-wide, we work our way through 800 million bags a year."

The progress made in Golden Bay is impressive. We observed at the supermarket most shoppers bringing their own reusable large shopping bags, with boxes being offered at the checkout for those who forgot theirs. Plastic bags were still available at the checkout but it's encouraged to bring your own.

It's back to the Nelson Saturday Market for this coming weekend. We will be there just after 7am until 1pm. Come & say hi.

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