How to Sprout Lentils using your Goodie Bags

The easy HOW TO guide for Sprouting Lentils. Maybe this short video will get you inspired to try sprouting for yourself. They are amazing to watch grow, even better to eat and so many different legumes to try. I'm sure you will find one that suits your taste. You can sprout, then cook in your normal recipes. This way they will cook quicker, easier for you to digest, and less gassy! Enjoy

1 c lentils 2 c water 1. Place into a large clean glass jar 2. Cover with your Goodie Bag to keep out dust & bugs. Use string / elastic to keep in place 3. Stand overnight, 8-12hrs for lentils 4. Rinse well, until the water is clear. The Goodie Bag can be the strainer lid, or pour the lentils into the bag & rinse through it 5. To sprout, leave to drain over a bowl 6. Rinse well 2-3 times each day (8-12hrs apart) 7. Taste every rinse. Once happy let them dry a bit & store in fridge in an air tight container.

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