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SPRUCE SET - Glenn Jones Triple Set (3)
SPRUCE SET - Glenn Jones Triple Set (3)
SPRUCE SET - Glenn Jones Triple Set (3)
SPRUCE SET - Glenn Jones Triple Set (3)
SPRUCE SET - Glenn Jones Triple Set (3)

SPRUCE SET - Glenn Jones Triple Set (3)

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Meet SPRUCE. He is a super star eco friendly dishcloth doing good things for the planet.

These groups of SPRUCE are ideal gifts to help you with any indecision choosing from our selection. It is not easy picking a favourite! 



SPRUCE are made from 100% natural and renewable materials: cellulose blended with cotton. They are super absorbent cloths, wonderful for washing up, wiping, and polishing. Yay, no more plastic sponges and polyester cloths!

Durable enough for repeated machine wash, or top rack of your dishwasher, they are printed with water based inks and are fully compostable. Each cloth will last you 9-12 months (and many of us have been known to still have them circulating 2 years later).

The designs were created in collaboration with 12 talented designers You can brighten up your kitchen with some original, affordable art.

SPRUCE cloths are made from all natural materials and are 100% biodegradable, while microfiber cloths are made from synthetic materials (see Wikipedia).  We have found that a SPRUCE cloth absorbs liquids better than a microfiber cloth and as such is superior for kitchen use. 

One SPRUCE cloth replaces 15 rolls of paper towels, saving you money and reducing landfill waste. They soften in contact with water and can absorb 15 x it’s weight, dry fast so they don’t breed bacteria or smell like sponges.  This makes them the premier cloth on kitchen surfaces.  Other uses can include dusting, glass ware, office, car and more.

Let’s reduce the tons of old dishcloths and paper towels from finishing up in landfill each year.   Reducing waste makes them fabulous for boating and camping where it’s important to travel light, minimise space and be environmentally responsible. We proudly have no additional packaging on our cloths and they are NOT individually wrapped.

Size: 17 x 20 cm

Tips: Wet to soften your SPRUCE cloth before using.

To wash you can pop into your washing machine, or top rack of the dishwasher. Don't use softeners as these can break down the fibers. If it ends up in your dryer it will look crinkled and shrunk. Don't worry - wet it and it will return to shape, however long term use of the dryer will shorten it's life.

If you wish to seriously sterilise SPRUCE, ensure it is WET and place into the microwave for 2min. Take care removing as it will be very hot.

SPRUCE are printed with water based environmentally friendly ink.